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Welcome to the home of the Corn Palace Balloon Club

To contact the Corn Palace Balloon Club, please contact Jon Kolba at 605-321-3623 or jquestballoon@yahoo.com

original water color by Rich Stedman

original water color by Rich Stedman

We are a new, fully certified 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, dedicated to preserving and exhibiting the special shaped hot-air balloons formerly associated with the Soukup & Thomas International Balloon & Airship Museum in Mitchell, South Dakota.

We also hold the national contract to fly the Toshiba America hot-air balloon.

Last year our pilots flew in over 3 dozen rallies, 12 states and 2 foreign countries.

September 2009 -- Congratulations to  Kenny Taylor, the Corn Palace Balloon Club's newest pilot!

Ron Behrmann took this terrific photo of Chesty, Chic-I-Boom, and Uncle Sam in Albuquerque.

If you would like us to fly at your balloon event, drop us a note. We'd like to talk to you about your event. Fees can vary greatly, depending upon whether we can route to other nearby rallies, equipment transportation costs, and other factors. Information on how to get hold of us is further down the page.

There is an 80% chance that if you visit a balloon pilot's house, he will be watching the weather channel.

Wait for Mitchell, South Dakota current conditions

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Uncle Sam hot-air balloon Chesty, the Marine Corps Mascot Matrioshka, the Russian Doll  

Uncle Sam



Balloon-Hilda, the witch



Balloon Hilda

Toshiba America



Mystic Affair



you may e-mail us at jquestballoon@yahoo.com

or Jon Kolba 605-321-3623

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