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Brewster, Minn. 14 Oct. 1905

Dear Brother,

I am going to put in a money order for 50 marks that I'm going to send to you. I think every day of you, while I'm doing so well here. I wish every day you were here to keep me company. I remember well when we lived in Germany and were so little and had to work so damn hard and we didn't have enough to make ends meet.

When I see my grand daughter, how she lives in excess, then I think back on my young years and when I was an apprentice. I was hungry many days. When I visited home and they gave me a little bread I ate it with gusto (devoured). I had to be there at 4 in the morning, otherwise I would get spanked. And then I had to work and that wasn't enough. But for now, things have changed. I live in excess. I don't even have to work. I can take care in my old days. I have excellent location. My kids, except the young one, are by me, only 8 miles (2 hours) away. (S)he normally comes every Saturday to visit. We had a very good year, and business is good. The youngest son is an excellent doctor, and he is in business with another doctor. Greetings to all your kids. I will write on your next birthday, and I will send you something.

With love from my heart,

Your brother, Peter Geyermann

If I live to the 13th of December, I will be 80 years old.

translated from the typed page by Ernst Wirt, Mitchell, S.D. (Rick Geyerman's