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Mar 27, 1862

Waconia, Minn

Dear Emily,

I've planned for a long time to write to you but you know how that goes.

We are all here with Grandmother. She is very sick - we had to get up in the middle of the night and make hot compresses. But now she is much better. Mother has always leg pains and a strong cough. I wish it would become warm and dry so she could go outside for a little bit.

Looks like you have a lot of fun in St Paul, as we gather from your letter and from what Edward told us.


We had made the acquaintance of the Dixheimers. They were always very nice to us and they came by in the horse sled and picked us up.

Its about time that I make my summer dress. Give me some good advice... how I can do it the best way. You are in St. Paul and you can see how people dress. Please write me and report because next summer I won't have too much time. Write me when you have time. Your hat and dresses we will send as soon as there is an opportunity. I think that  Hermann will pretty soon come to St Paul.

Yesterday we made 1/2 gallon of molasses, but if the weather stays as it is, there won't be too much. Particularly won't ferment anymore. We were putting vegetables into jars. Now I don't get much around or down to Lena's because the streets are filled with water.

Mother intended to write but she is now in bed. If she feels better by the next mail day she will write.

Everybody sends greetings. Write soon again.

Your Louise