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Dickies, Dickys or Dickeys


Please eMail me at RickGeyerman@gMail.com or call my cell at 605-770-8204 to check for current colors. I work at the Hospital and may not be able to return your call that same day.


Full turtleneck or mock turtleneck styles  

Men's and Women's sizes

No matter how you spell it, a dickey is practical and comfortable in the summer or winter. They keep a cold draft from blowing down your neck, and they keep that itchy sweater away from your face. If you suddenly find yourself too warm, they are easy to remove.

Use them to accent your skin tones. Almost everyone looks good in a black turtleneck.

Dickeys are false collars meant to be worn under another shirt or sweater. They fall about 12" down your front and back, and extend about 4" towards your shoulder on each side.  They will stretch to go over your head like a t-shirt, and can be put on or taken off without removing any other clothing. A dickey should be snug enough around your neck to stay up.

I remember my dad always wore a dickey when he went goose hunting, and he made me wear one, too. It kept the early morning chill away, yet came off easily and stuffed in our pockets when the day warmed up. Dad didn't care much about skin tones. Just wanted green, olive or black.

Cheerleaders, school marching bands, law-enforcement agencies, and other groups who need to identify by color buy lots of these. In December 2004,

I sent 4 dozen Black full turtle-neck dickeys to a police department in Mississippi. On 11/2/05, they called back and ordered 5 dozen more, so you know they were pleased. 11/11-- I see on your website where you have been talking about me. That’s what happens though when you provide the service and quality that you do. I’m sure I’ll be back again next year as well. MSgt. Andy Fultz Starkville, MS

I took one of the chocolate brown ones to the local UPS shipping depot and the boss there said it would work fine with UPS Brown uniforms. So, I sell a lot of these to UPS drivers.

Some people buy them because the boss keeps the air-conditioning too cold in the summer.

And, everyone remembers Randy Quaid wearing his special-occasion dickey as Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. So, I sell a lot of them for "Christmas Vacation" parties.

 The photo below represents the shape of the mock neck style (navy) compared to the full-turtleneck style (red). 

Each year I get several orders from people who bought a year ago, so you know they must have been happy with them.



Our Dickeys come in two styles...

Mock-neck dickeys - and Full turtleneck dickeys.

Mock-neck dickeys have a double layer of fabric that goes about 2" up the neck, and are meant to approximate the look of a full-turtleneck dickey without the bulk. (see photo below)

Full Turtleneck dickeys have 4" (twice as much) double fabric going up the neck, and are usually worn folded back down on the outside to create a more full-collar look. (see photo below). They might also be worn unfolded and tucked right up under the chin.

Each style comes in two sizes...

 regular size (one size fits most - including many men)...
and RuffNecks for BIG men

A note about sizes... Many men can wear the Regular size.  Dickeys are pretty forgiving. After all, they have to stretch to fit over your head. I weigh 230 and have a 17" neck, and I can wear the regular size Full-Turtleneck comfortably. I prefer the RuffNecks size in the mock-neck style.

Mock-neck Dickeys

regular size - measure about 14" around the neck, recommended for women, children and men up to 16" neck size

(for current colors, see right ---------------->>>)


Measurements are taken un-stretched, laying flat on the counter


RuffNecks - measure about 15" around the neck, recommended for BIGGER men (neck size 17" and over)


(for current colors, see right----------------- >>>)


Regular size Mock-neck dickeys are usually available in  Black, navy, white, ivory, UPS-approved Brown, Burgundy (wine), hunter green, Olive (great for hunters), Red, Fuscia, tabby grey, pastel yellow, Popcorn (bright yellow), Halloween orange, pastel pink, breast-cancer pink, teal (turquoise), and cornflower (pastel) blue,



RuffNecks Mock-neck dickey colors usually available in stock

Black, navy, white, ivory, UPS-approved Brown, Burgundy (wine), hunter green, Olive (great for hunters), Red, tabby grey, pastel yellow, Popcorn (bright yellow gold), and cornflower (pastel) blue,

Full Turtle-neck dickeys

regular size - measure about 15" around the neck, recommended for most women, and men up to 17" neck size

(for current colors, see right ------------>>>)


Measurements are taken un-stretched, laying flat on the counter




RuffNecks - measure about 17" around the neck, recommended for men with larger than 18"neck size - the burly kinda guy you want running your chain-saw when you're clearing the back 40 acres. Now, even the biggest guy in your family can keep that chill winter air from blowing down his shirt collar.

(for current colors, see right -------------- >>>)




Regular-size, full turtleneck dickey colors usually in stock - 

Black, navy, white, ivory, UPS-approved Brown, Burgundy (wine), hunter green, Olive (great for hunters), Red, Fuscia, tabby grey, pastel yellow, Popcorn (bright yellow gold),  Halloween orange, pastel pink, breast-cancer pink, teal (turquoise), and cornflower (pastel) blue,




RuffNecks Full Turtle-neck dickey colors usually in stock - 

Black, navy, white, ivory, UPS-approved Brown, Burgundy (wine), hunter green, Olive (great for hunters), Red, tabby grey, pastel yellow, Popcorn (bright yellow), and cornflower (pastel) blue.




Color availability can change daily. I try to keep basic colors in stock all the time, and if I run out, they are generally back in-stock within 10 days  - two weeks. It's best to check on your colors before you submit payment for fast delivery. Please specify whether you are looking for MOCK-neck... or FULL turtle-neck.

Our Dickeys are...

Made in USA

50% cotton - 50% polyester
cotton for comfort and breath ability,
polyester for durability
very soft, like a high-quality knit shirt

completely machine wash - dry

One, two or three Dickeys = $12  each + $4.50 postage to any US address.

Buy 4 @ $12 each - get FREE SHIPPING
(to US addresses. Actual costs other.

South Dakota residents add 6% sales tax

 Please send me an email

with your preferred colors, and I will confirm what is available before you submit payment.  

Payment Options

 Note: I answer every eMail personally. If you send me an email, and I do not reply, then your Internet provider would  not allow my reply to go through to you.  AOL is particularly bad about this - but there are others also. If you are not sure, put your phone number in your eMail, so at least I can call you a back. Or, call me at 605-770-8204.   I work odd shifts at the Hospital... some days, some evenings, and some nights. Leave me a message with your phone number, and the best times to call you back - afternoons and evenings are OK, too.


These are unsolicited eMails I have received from people after they have received their dickeys.

Hi Rick, received my full neck dickies and they are awesome! Great quality and fit very well. Please feel free to use my recommendation, thanks, V. Wietecha

Hi Rick, received my order of the dickies and I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with them. Next time I need more, I will be sure to order from you again. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.

I received them late yesterday. Have worn them to work the last two nights. Love them! Thanks!

I placed my order for 4 dickeys on 12/10/14.  They were delivered this afternoon 12/15/14.  I was extremely surprised, particularly since this is Christmas time, at how soon they arrived.  They are exactly what I was looking for and very reasonably priced too.  The quality, color, and service are outstanding.  I really appreciate the time and effort you expended expeditiously filling my order.

Thanks, received them today. Nice quality compared to others.

Take care, eileen

Rick, Thanks for your help. We will be on our way back to Australia in the morning with 4 new turtle neck dickies. Regards, Mike

I work in the woods and can’t wear a tie to keep my neck warm. Trouble with ties is that they can end up in the chainsaw – not a good idea! I like Rick’s Ruff Neck dickeys because they fit me and keep my neck warm. Best made quality and colors for men on the  market. David -- Webster, New Hampshire

I just wanted to say "Thank You" so much. Before Christmas I ordered 4 dickeys for my husband and they are fantastic. The quality is better than I expected and we were really pleased. Our weather has taken a turn to very cold nights and these were the best investment I made this year.  
Have a wonderful year.

Rick, received the dickies I ordered from you last Friday.  Got to put them to use right away.  They were great and were everything I was hoping they would be; comfortable, good looking, and warm.  A great product.  Thanks again

Thank you very much.  Received the order today.  I love them and figured I should have ordered a few more colors after I checked out my wardrobe - LOL!  Perhaps when I get back from my journey....  Thanks for the prompt, courteous, and considerate service. Mary -- Pensacola, FL

04/12 -Rick just a note to let you know I received my order today(13/04/12) thanks for a quick and pleasant transaction. I am happy with the quality of the product and with the quality of service you provided. Cheers, Shane, Australia

04/12 - I think the Ruffneck Mock Necks are going to work perfectly for Don’s Trach Cover.. They are so much cooler than his “real turtlenecks” for the summer months here in Houston… I would like to place an additional order, and will pay via PayPal again once you let me know the colors I am interested in are in Stock. Would like the following colors: Black.. Navy… Ivory.. Olive…Red…Pastel Yellow.. Popcorn Yellow…Pastel Blue…


02.12 Hi Rick, Thanks for the dickeys; they are great. This may be a new use for them you have not heard of. Since last Sept 7, I have had vertigo. The immediate symptoms, which fortunately ended in mid-September, have had after effects until recently. Grogginess, fatigue, lack of alertness.... Early this month I was in Dallas; my hostess there, a university professor, also has vertigo. To make a long story short, she dragged me to her Mainland China acupuncturist--one of the prescriptions for me is to sleep in a dickey--keeps my neck warm, and since tightness in my neck is one of the factors, it helps! I found your site online--the Dickey Capital of the World, or so it appears. Many thanks--these are just right and I shall recommend them to my friend.


02.12 - Thank you so much for the dickeys. My uncle got them quickly and said they were perfect. Many thanks again.  


01.12 Thanks Rick, we got the dickeys and my husband wore one yesterday.  He said it fit perfectly.

01.12 --I received my 4 mock-neck dickeys about 2-3 weeks ago. What a great product. I love them. I have worn turtlenecks for years and wanted something a bit lighter. These are great material. Sorry I didn’t find you earlier. I’ll keep you on my “favorites” for future use. Thanks so much Rick.

11/11 I sent 4 dozen Black full turtle-neck dickeys to a police department in Mississippi. On 11/2/05, they ordered 5 dozen more, so you know they were pleased. 11/11  another order attached, I see on your website where you have been talking about me. That’s what happens though when you provide the service and quality that you do. I’m sure I’ll be back again next year as well. MSgt. Andy Fultz Starkville, MS


11/11 I  received the 2 dickies in the mail today and they are just what I wanted.  The quality is very good.  Thank you for your promptness.  I will recommend your company to all my friends.  Thank you once again. Maria.


10/11 Wow, that was quick, received the dickeys today 27th, I am absolutely delighted with them, the colours are fab.  Glad I know now where to purchase these as they're not available in the U.K.  Will order more again soon.  Thanks for a pleasant transaction.

09/11 - Thank you very much - dickies arrived today and they're just what I was hoping for. JMC

05/11 Thank you shipping my 2 dickeys so fast - in spite of my having paid by check. I'm pleased with them and approve of your packing - I reuse every bit of paper I can and am sending a package out today reusing your strong envelope. Janet

05/11 Just to let you know, the package arrived this morning all in good order. The quality is superb, the colours just as I had envisaged - now my husband is interested! Thank you again for all your help in the early stages of the transaction - I promise you that it won't be the last. Lis in Scotland

04/11   Thank you for the turtlenecks.  My son loved them.  Now I want to buy 2 mock turtlenecks for me.  I want... Joan

04/11   Hi Rick. Received the package today. The product looks great (I'm wearing one right now), and I was pleased to see the "Made in USA" label. Thank you for your good product and prompt service! - Jan

02.11 --Got the dickeys yesterday.....they are great.  Thanks! Bonnie

01.11 - I received the dickeys, thank you for the prompt service.  They're perfect and bring back memories of my youth.  My youngest son saw them and wants to borrow them sometime, you might be hearing from me again soon.

01.11 - Just a quick message to say the dickeys arrived yesterday, which was much faster than I had expected.  And they are just what we wanted and hoped for.  We will be recommending you to our friends; we don't know of anywhere in Ireland where one can get this very useful garment.  Thank you very much for the prompt service.  And thank you also for the refund of postage; it was a very pleasant surprise that postage wasn't so expensive after all.


12/10 - Hi Rick, I am sorry for contacting so late. I just wanted to say that I have received the dickies and am satisfied. Now, these are the kind I have been looking for. Both sizes are comfortable to wear. I must admit that I prefer the more bulk of the 16" but the more snugness of the 14". Merry Christmas and GOD bless.

11.30.10 - My mother received the dickies I ordered, she is very pleased with them, thank you for your help in my continuing effort in remaining her "favorite" daughter. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Heidi

11.30.10 - I just went back to your website and started looking at the photos and reading your great-grandfather’s letters. Thank you for sharing this wonderful history with the rest of the world! I know that you are very proud to carry on this tradition and it sounds as if you “chose” the right wife for the job! I would love to shop in that one photo! Catherine in NC

11.29.10 - Rick - got them today - they are GREAT - thanks for the quick shipping. Steve.


10.15.10 - Rick, I received my turtlenecks today they look great, thanks , tom

O9/10 Hello...just received the dickey's and they are exactly the colors I was looking for.....Thanks Again! David

05.11.10 - I received them today and I am very pleased.  Thank you for your prompt service! Deb

03.29.10 - Dear Rick, I'd like you to know that this heavy winter we just had here is Central Virginia revealed how truly effective your dickeys are in  providing warmth in extreme cold.  I used them as part of a multi-layer layering pattern protecting my neck in sub zero degree Fahrenheit temperatures.  To near-steal a phrase from Sammy Sosa, "Half & half polyester and cotton has been bery, bery good to me!" I'd like to order another one, a regular size, full turtleneck in Burgundy.

03.06.10 - Rick, thank you for the dickies, my husband was so pleased with them. Again, thanks. Beverly

2.20.10 Thanks.. Rick...just received my orange full turtlenecks...exactly what I needed and what fast service you have.. Just 3 days from the order to receiving...from South Dakota to Georgia.. That's customer service at its highest...Ron

02.19.10 -- The dickies arrived safe and sound last week. I meant to send you a message right away but I have been fighting a rather nasty cold and haven't been online as much. So, my apologies for the delay.  
I wear the dickies at work, under a black sweatshirt. They're used to the variety of colours I have now (the purple seems to be popular). But yesterday I wore the pastel yellow for the first time, and got multiple compliments on it. People really liked the pastel yellow (nice contract with the black). Glenn

2.13.10 -  Just wanted to let you know I recieved my dickies a couple of days ago.  I am very pleased with the quality of your dickies, and the colors were perfect. Thanks again, Pat


1.25.10 -- Received the dickeys today.  It is going to be tough to wait 3 weeks until Valentine’s Day to give them to my husband. thank-you, Holly

12.21.09 - Hi Rick, The dickeys arrived today safely... and they are awesome. I will be making another order in the new year. :) Thanks again, glenn

11.21.09 - Hi Rick:  Dickies arrived yesterday.  They're beautiful!  With all the different colors I shouldn't have a problem matching anything I choose to wear.  Thanks loads!! Lynn

11.05.09 Hello Rick, I just received the order today.  Wow, that was pretty fast! Last year, I bought the same-colored Dickey's, but in the Turtleneck style. They are great when Winter set's in. The Mock-style is perfect for Autumn and Spring. Thank you

10.23.09 -- Received the turtle neck dickie.. perfect color match to the Goldwing and fit great.. Thanks  and stay warm in cool So Dak..  I miss it but ain't never coming back !!   Bob in Az..

10.17.09 - Dear Rick, I recently purchased several dickies from your website (HOT pink, popcorn, and cornflower blue).  I was very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the faux turtlenecks! Since their arrival, I have worn a dickey daily and on multiple dates.  I have been very successful with my new lady friends.  I blame my past misfortune in the love department from a lack of dickies. I find your product highly satisfactory.  I am considering stitching small rabbit caricatures on the top bit of the dickie.  I will be using small cotton balls for the tails.  I just wanted to share this idea with you in case you want to market it.  Also, for Christmas I have thought about sewing a series of jingles bells in the shape of reindeers.  Many happy dickey wearing days, Richard

10.08.09 -- Thank you very much for the prompt delivery.  To be honest with you, I received the parcel last week and meant to write you immediately but forgot.  I just remembered now.  So again thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Claude

02.23.09 - Hi Rick, Got the package today. Good looking product you have there. Made in America too!! Way to go! Thanks!  Michael

02.09.09 - Dickeys arrived today and they're the best I've seen.  Nice long 'tails' so they won't come popping out of the necks of sweaters, etc.  Colors are right on.  I haven't tried mine on yet, but size looks great.  You'll be hearing from me again when I want other colors (you've got best selection of colors too). Great dealing with you! MJ

01.20.09 - I got the dickeys, they are great. Very good quality and made well. Order was here fast.  I have decided to order six more... Larry

12.30.08 -- Just to let you know, the dickies arrived on Monday before Christmas, and they are perfect. Person for whom they were ordered loves them and is wearing one as we speak. Thanks so much for your help.  Eileen

12.15.08 -- I need 8 mock turtleneck white dickeys for my husband.  We have ordered from you before...  Thanks for all you do! MARCEY

12.09.08 -I am very happy with the dickeys you sent me. I would like 3 more mock ruff-neck turtle-necks... Nancy

12.09.08 -Hi Rick: Winter is here and so it is time for dickeys once again.  I would like to order regular size mockneck in ....
11.09.08 --Thanks for the dickeys.  They are exactly what I was looking for but could never find in any store.  I will probably get some more but I will need to determine the colors I want.  Anyway, thanks again.

11.08.08 -- Thanks for the two Ruff Necks.  They look good, fit well, and aren't scratchy or hot. I'd like to order three more colors. Richard

08.20.08 -- I received the Dickies today, and they are perfect! Thank you for the terrific service, and quality mdse. The packaging is right on, and I agree with you about preserving our trees. Thank you again. Candace

6.24.08 - I am pleased to say the dickies arrived yesterday.  They are of good quality and I will put a plug in for you at my next Shrine Clown meeting as many of my fellow clowns would be interested in buying from you too. ...Errol

5.1.08-- Hi Rick: The dickies arrived today, and want to tell you how very pleased I am with them. Just what I had in mind! So thank you so much. Will certainly be in touch...  June

4.12.08 -- I received the package today.  The dickies are sharp and stylish.  I tried them on and they fit perfectly. Thank You, Jerry

03.24.08 -- When I got to work, the package was in my In Box.  Thank you so much.  I just know he will enjoy these and I didn't mind the packaging.  Once again thanks for the dickeys! Corliss

3.14.08 -Hi Rick, I received the package today and with everything as ordered.  They are perfect - great colors, fit and material! Thank you again. Judy

3.08.08-- Your products are BY FAR the best thing I have found available for people like myself who’ve had a total laryngectomy and need to wear a high neckline YEAR ROUND.  Your product has been the single piece of clothing that has allowed me to still go out in public with confidence knowing I look pretty normal and is very comfortable on my skin that has been beat up pretty badly through the multiple treatments in the neck to kill head and neck cancer. David A.

3.04.08 - My dad received them yesterday and said they look great!  Thanks so much, Rick! 

12.11.07 -- The package arrived today.  Well pleased!  The ruff-necks for my 16 1/2" plumbing were the way to go, they fit just right. You'll be hearing more from me. Regards, WDR

12.03.07 --Dear Rick, Our son got the dickies. He was very happy with them. Many thanks. Kristi


11.26.07 -- Hi Rick, I received the package yesterday.   I was extremely pleased with the product and the entire process.   I'll be back for more!  Thank you! Judy

11.16.07 - Its me again. Loved the Dickies. I need 4 more turtleneck dickies in Red, Black, Orange and White. Donna

11.12.07 -- Would you please send me 4 of the black full turtleneck dickeys, the ones you sent me last year are great, these are for some friends that want them. Thanks! Gary

10.11.07 -- I used to wear these things 35 years ago when I lived and worked in Alaska. Strange why you can't find these things in stores and nobody even knows what you are talking about when you ask for them. You can't even find them listed in ANY outdoor sportsmen's product catalogs. They can be a real life saver when you hunt in the cold northern states. Thanks to Google I found you! I wish you great success with these very fine products.  Richard

10/08/07... Are those colors available?  Kindly let me know what other information you need.  I ordered two of your t-necks last year, and 
two wasn't nearly enough---they are marvelous! Thanks, Marianne ("Anne")

4.13.07 - Package arrived Thursday (4/12).  Thank you for swift service.  I appreciate you reusing shipping materials.  Keep up the good work!


04.05.07 -- I received the dickeys and am happy with them.  I too agree with your method of mailing.  (Rick's note: we recycle our packing boxes.)  Most of the packaging is not necessary unless the item is fragile.  Thanks.  I will order more from you... Judith in Minnesota

02/26/07 -- Dickeys received and they look great.  Thanks for the quick and personalized service. tc

02.27.07 - Hi Rick, I ordered from you in 2004 and I have gotten a lot of use from my dickeys.  I would like to order a few more in some different colors... Thanks,  Carmen

02.12.07 - Dear Rick: I got the dickies Saturday.  They're great. Thank you very much, Joan.


1.31.07 -- Dear Rick,  I received my order of 6 mock turtles today and they are FANTASTIC!!!  I will be ordering more...  Thank you so very much, Jim

1.31.07 -- Hi, Rick, Got them yesterday - SUPER - thanks much man - You are a life saver - I wore one today - what a difference -
My neck thanks you too - thanks again - Constantine (in Moldova)

1.29.07 --Hello Rick, I am inquiring about ordering Dickies for my husband, I have ordered from you before and he would like another order! Pam in Atlanta

1.24.07 -- Thank you for your previous consignment which were very satisfactory and I would like to order more in the following " rough neck " size full turtle  neck... Many thanks, Fr. Ambrose in Ireland

1/20/07 - My friend is staying with us as she recovers from some surgery.  I've introduced her to the comfort of dickies by lending her mine and she loves it.  She'd like to order one to replace mine plus some others for herself. She is interested in... Thank you. Jo - Glen Ellyn, IL

12.30.06 --Thank you, Rick!  I received them today just in time for the cold weather that is coming!  Have a Happy New Year! Charles

12.26.06 -- Rick, the dickeys arrived Saturday and they are WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for your help by phone and by email and thanks for your wonderful service. Best wishes for a wonderful new year, Maggie

12.22.06 --Hey Rick! The dickies just arrived, and the colours are perfect! Thanks for getting them out so quickly, I'll be able to put them to use this weekend.  Have a great holiday! Gloria S.


12.18.06 -- That is GREAT service!  They look terrific and I think my dad will love them. I look forward to the black one but will just give him an IOU in the box with the rest :) Thanks for your wonderful service too. Merry Christmas, Sarah

12.18.06 -- I'm looking to order 5 Black, 2 White, 1 Brown, 1 Cream and 1 Tan.  Placed an order last year for the mock turtle necks and my parents, especially my mother loved them.  Was hoping to be able to get them again.  Laurie

12/14/06 -- Hi Rick, I just wanted you to know I actually received the dickies yesterday!  So, that was great on the mailing!  Thanks and they look great, I think she will really like them.  Kristy

12.10.06 -- Well, received my 5 dickey's on Saturday after just ordering with you by phone on Wednesday. Thanks for the prompt service. I like what I got and will be calling again later this week to order the colors I did not get. I really appreciate you calling me the day after you received my initial e-mail. Great service! I will probably end up with at least one of each. I wanted them quick and you came through! Thanks again.

12.03.06 - Hey. I want to order a ... Thanks. You’ve made shopping for my grandmother easy for the last 3 years! Jenny

12.02.06 - Thanks, Rick...they came yesterday...and they are great!  Thanks for the quick service...joani

12.01.06 - I purchased regular turtlenecks from you last year and really like them. Would you let me know if you have the following colors....?  Thank you. Elsie


11.24.06 --Hi Rick: I just got the exchanged dickeys...they fit great...bring on the cold weather! Thanks, Ken

11.15.06 -- Dear Rick, Dickeys arrived quickly and in good shape; they are lovely. Thanks for letting me know about the credit card receipt.  I appreciate your excellent service. Phyllis

11.04.06 - I received the Dickies yesterday. I LOVE them. They are exactly what I want in a dickey. I have a thick neck and the 15 in. is great without feeling like an ace bandage. Plus they are very soft and not scratchy. So I now want to order more. Joni.

11.03.06 - Thank you for the order I received a few weeks ago.  I ordered 4 dickeys and my husband loves them.  I need four more. Joyce M.

10.23.06 - Hi Rick, The order arrived on Saturday and I am pleased with the soft and comfortable dickies.  The mailing time was so speedy!  Thanks for the great service.  Jan

10.18.06 - Thanks Rick....I received the turtleneck dickies in the mail today and they are just what I wanted.  I'm sure you will hear from me again. Alexa

04.20.06 Dear Rick!

Thank you, Thank you, thank you for my Dickies  they are wonderful.   So soft that I do not even feel they are around my neck.   And I have  very sensitive skin around my neck. Your service was very fast and professional and now I have them for my trip next week.
Thanks again and I'm sure we will do more business.      JEH.

01/29/06...  Time to order more Dickeys. I frequently wear them in over air conditioned operating rooms under my scrubs. Even fully gowned and gloved, they feel comfortable. Please send three more white full turtleneck-regular size...  Staten Island, NY

01/18/06 Hi Rick: Been wanting to let you know that the dickies arrived in fine shape and are exactly what we wanted.  Good doing business with you.

01.06.06 Hi Rick…Received my order on Wednesday, January 4th…All Is Well. It didn’t take long for a workmate of mine to ask me to order him 3  of the following...

01.06.06 Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and my Mother loves them.   I will be ordering more for myself later.  Thanks so much for the fast delivery and I look forward to ordering from you in the future.   Karen

 12.27.05 - Thank you so much Rick, and Happy New Year to you also!  I wish that more businesses were as pleasant and cooperative to deal with as you are!  I will do my best to promote your company in my Stone Mountain, Ga. area. Sincerely, Bonny

12/26/05 - Hi Rick, Thank you for the recent shipment of three turtlenecks which surprised and pleased my husband very much for Christmas! We would like to order three more and am e-mailing for confirmation of colors. In the regular size full turtleneck, we would like 1 Navy, 1 ivory and 1 cornflower blue.


12/24/05 - The turtleneck dickie I ordered arrived just when you said it would! That means it will be under the Christmas tree for my husband, who by the way has been searching for years for a turtleneck dickie. It looks like the one I ordered will do the trick. I really appreciate the way you do business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!    Patricia

12/23/05 Hi Rick, I just got my order and the dickeys are great!  Thank you for sending them right away, in time for Christmas.  You are fabulous! I hope you are having a great holiday season, in spite of the rush, and have a Happy New Year! Peace, Jane

12.20.05 - Thank you so much for getting them right out to me.  These are for my parents and have been looking all over for them.  My mom especially wanted them very badly and she is soooooooo hard to shop for.  You know the person who has everything and needs nothing!!  Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thanks again.  Laurie

12.15.05 - Hello Rick, Just letting you know, that I got my package, just like you said; and I would just like to say thank you very much, and my Honey likes them very much! They are a very good product just like everyone has said!!! Once again, Thank you! Tim S.

12/05/05 - This is a repeat order, I ordered a few from you a couple years ago for my fiancé's father & he needs more.  He was thrilled I was able to find them at all b/c they're so difficult to find in the stores if you can find them for men at all. Carla

11/19/05 - Mr. Geyerman--we were so happy with the dickies that you sent that we must order a bunch more.  We would like one each in the following nine colors... Dee and Chuck 

11/10/2005 I received my order last week.  Thanks for sending it out so quickly. I'm so pleased with the quality of the dickeys.  They're great!  I'd now like to order these colors (9 more) in the reg size mock-neck dickeys,

11.06.05- I ordered some dickeys from you last year for my Grandmother.  She loves them and asked me yesterday if I could “get on the internet and find her some more.”  So here I am. 

11.01.05 - Hello Rick, To echo a recent testimonial:  "Just wanted to let you know that I just received the dickeys, and the fit is excellent!  Colors are great ~ really rich!   Thanks for all your help."  I AM contacting you about more colors.  Looking for turquoise, ivory, and wine - regular, full turtleneck dickeys. The Dickeys are everything you say they are!  Thanks for offering a great product at a competitive price.

09/20/05 I sent your dickeys to my mother last year.  She loved them and said they are the best and most comfortable she has ever worn.  I would like to purchase 3 more for the fall in orange, olive and khaki.  Do you have these ?

(08/02/05) Rick, Thank you very much!  I just wanted to let you know that I got the dickies today and they are just what I was looking for.  They're great!  Thanks also for the incredibly fast shipping! Best regards,  Andy

I would like to order another 4 mock turtleneck dickies (regular size) in the following colours: 2 white, 1 pastel pink, 1 navy
Thanks very much. Jane in Canada. (04/11/05)

I have ordered from you before and now want some more regular, full neck dickies in ivory, black, olive and khaki.  I believe you take PayPal and I can pay that way. (03/14/05)


Hello! Wanted to let you know the dickies arrived in yesterday's snail mail; they are terrific!  I washed them immediately and they look great! Looking forward to wearing them often! THANKS AGAIN!! Karen P (01.26.05)

Hi Rick,  Well I received my dickeys today (Thursday).  Thank you for your incredibly fast service!  They are just perfect and what I need for our California weather....I’ll be putting an order in for more soon, I’m sure! Have a great weekend, Cheers, 12.13.04

The turtle necks arrived and I am wearing one now.  It's nice on cold days in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Just wanted to let you know I received the dickies before Christmas and my husband loves them. Thank you for your efficiency - Happy New Year!

Rick, my order arrived here at the office in the morning mail.  Quick service!!  Thanks.  I’ve got the navy one on already under my lighter blue work shirt, and it looks and feels great.  After I model for my wife, I’m sure I’ll want more.  Dave

The Dickeys are great!  Perfect fit and great quality!   I'm very satisfied and will pass the word whenever I get an opportunity. I also like your practice of using recycled packaging -- save a tree for sure!! Way to go!

I want to order 5 more of your full turtleneck  dickies for my wife.  She really loves your product, this is our 3rd order. Arni Z

They came today (Thursday)!  Thanks so much!  They are just what I wanted!  I love the internet! 

Ginger M

We received the package here in VA already today---containing the mock turtleneck.  It was truly a pleasure to shop at Geyerman's Clothing Company!!  Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness and we will visit on line again sometime!!!  Very professional!! Sincerely, Helen

Do you have the  men's mock-neck dickies in white, navy, and black.  If so I can pay with Paypal.  I ordered three others from you 4 months ago and they are a great product.  Let me know and I'll get the order placed and paid for.

Bill N - Prosser, WA

Hi Rick!  It's me again.  The men's Dickies in the extra large size went over great. I would like to place an additional order.
K.T in Kings Park, New York  11754

"Hi, I need to order another 3 men's size dickeys in NAVY color.  My husband wore his to work and everyone else wants em too! (Required uniform)" Max & Jennie,


Dang, Rick! Can't believe I got my order so quickly! You are wonderful! The best to you and your family during this time of thanksgiving and reflection! Joyce

My friend was wearing one, and it looked like a nice one, so I got your phone number from him... Myron in Coronado, CA.

I would like to order 2 white regular dickies (not mock), one ivory and one black--all in the 17 inch ruffneck variety.  My husband has been really happy with the ones I ordered last year. Thank you, Bettie E.

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